Francis and Ruth Mogaka Foundation (FRFM) is a philanthropic foundation that supports sustainable community development programmes. Initiated in year 2019, as officially registered by the government of Kenya in the year 2020, FRMF is among the foundations and of its kind in the community.

Our Vision:

Improving the lives of the poor sustainably.

Our Mission:

Enhancing sustainable development of communities for social development, through community engagement and planning, local resources, capacity building, partnerships and networking, policy influencing and participation in development.

FRMF has the capacity to improve the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable in the community through systematic mobilization of resources and engage other stakeholders in community development. We also seek to have support from other regions for implementing our projects.  FRMF therefore strives in enhancing organized community-led initiatives to create a firm basis for sustainable development and social inclusivity.


Actively involve the community in the micro planning processes whereby they participate in identifying their problems/challenges, prioritizing their needs and offering probable and practical solutions which will assist the secretariat team in preparation of action plans. Action plans will be clearly elaborated with mode of interventions, benchmarks and achievable budget plans with clear monitoring and evaluation systems.